Reasons To Use A Sit And Stand Desk In Your Home Or Office

Sitting at your computer all day long, either at home or at the office can not only be miserable, it can lead to some pretty dangerous health problems. For those of you who are looking for a comfortable and ergonomic solution to back and hip pain, or a variety of other issues, consider switching your low laying tables or work area with a sit and stand desk.

1. Ergonomics

A sit and stand desk can help you relieve much of the pain and irritation associated with sitting in one place all day. People with back or hip problems may experience sharp increases in pain if they are not given the opportunity to move around, but in today’s corporate world, not many businesses will allow you to get up and walk around in the middle of a job. Now you can simply stand up and continue your important work!

2. Size

The sit and stand desk can be found in a variety of sizes, from small enough to fit just your laptop, or large enough to accommodate even the largest and bulkiest computers. Whatever size suits your needs most, you can find it.

3. Easy Use

Changing how you sit has never been easier, than with a sit and stand desk. Changing the height is as simple as moving a lever, and you are in no danger of pinching or hurting yourself when you adjust its size. An integrated braking system means that the desk will not roll away, or fold down when you need the added stability. The CF motion stabilization means that someone bumping your desk is not likely to spill or tip anything.

4. Large Working Space

While the actual Sit and Stand desk unit is smaller and easier to move than a conventional desk, the surface area is nearly as large. This means you will not have to struggle with a lack of office or desk place, and you will always have room to be efficient and comfortable. Even full desks don’t seem as crowded.

5. Activity

One of the biggest parts of this product is the ability to keep active while you work. Alternating between sitting and standing can help you stay focused throughout the workday. It can also help you to burn away some calories if you adjust the desk frequently, as well as help you to stay awake during long workdays that never seem to end!

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