Exploring The Complexity of Self Imposed Pressure

I find that pressure can sometimes be utilised as a tool. Translated into motivation, inspiration and even the key to hitting those goals you’ve set for yourself. The issue? What if, akin to me, you’re not someone that thrives on too much pressure and actually transforming one aspect of life into another, seems nigh on impossible? What if you thrive on organisation, planning and time instead? If there’s ever a time not to start feeling the pressure too much, I’d go out on a limb and say that the very first month of the year is just that. 

The thing is, I do feel a lot of pressure right now. I feel pressure as I always do to make this year better than the last. I feel pressure to achieve a life balance more than I have in previous years. I feel pressure in the run up to fashion month about the content I’d love to produce. I feel pressure to think about what the future of this career holds for me and my amazing team. I feel pressure to succeed in every iteration of the word. 

And all of that pressure is pressure I’m placing on my own shoulders. 

It’s self imposed because the expectations I’ve placed on myself are far higher than those expected of me by family, colleagues and friends. The reason I’m sharing this is not put myself down (I’m very much working on that positive mindset this year) but because I know there will be so many of you in the very same place. With so much self imposed pressure on your shoulders that maybe you need to have a conversation with yourself, or even a friend, like I did just last week. 


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