The Only Colour You Need in Your Wardrobe This Spring

The second I spotted the colour pink on the runways last season, I immediately new that a suit in head to toe pink, was in my very near future. I imagined something crisp, perhaps a little oversized and in a shade that made me wish spring would hurry the hell up. Fast forward four months and Dubai gave us the most stunning golden hour to shoot some dream inducing tailoring from one of my favourite special occasion brands – Alex Perry. 

I spotted this bubblegum pink three piece just after the new year and although immediately swooning over it, I definitely hesitated on if I would have the right occasion to style it with enough confidence. After 48 hours of it living rent free in my head, I headed to the Net-a-Porter site only to then realise the set was actually a three piece with a structured bralette. Pinch me! It’s like someone jumped into my brain to reimagine the suit in trending pink this season with all the details. 

We all know that when fashion week rolls around, often the trends even for the most confident among us, can feel abrasive and sometimes unwearable for the everyday and that’s why my favourite trends we see diffusing onto the high street, are the trends that we can adapt into our own style. The trends that are all encompassing, like the must have colours, are the ones that only depend on our love for that particular shade and can be translated simply into our wardrobes, no matter the budget.

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